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Colossal Bust of Ramesses II, the 'Younger Memnon'
The bust alone is 2.7 m high (9 ft.) by 2 meters wide (6 1/2 ft. across the shoulders), weighs 7.25 tons, and was cut from a single block of two-colored granite; with a slight variation of normal conventions in that the eyes look down slightly more than usual and to exploit the different colors (broadly speaking, the head is in one color, and the body another). This incomplete statue has lost its body and lower legs; it is one of a pair which originally flanked the temple doorway of the Ramesseum.
Napoleon's men tried and failed to dig and remove it to France during his 1798 expedition there, during which he did acquire but then lost the Rosetta Stone. It was during this attempt that the hole on the right of the torso (just above Ramesses's right nipple) is said to have been.

Ramesses II (1279 – 1213 BC), The Colossal Bust of

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