This elegantly sculptured objet d'art by nature is our mind's center for Speech. Hidden deep inside our left hemisphere it is involved in the production of both written and spoken language. That is, the only reason we can tweet, twitter, #, friend and unfriend, or whatever – is because of this lobe region in our head. Seriously. Have you ever seen the classic movie Taxi Driver? Did you ever wonder what might not be functioning quite right in the Robert De Niro character's head? Well, we can tell you this, this Speech management lobe was certainly functioning at what might be called below the societal norms. [This speech area is a fun region of the brain to probe with electricity]
This pendant can also be worn in a reversible fashion that reveals the aesthetic 3D duality of our hidden yin and yang.

Posterior Lobe (Wernicke's area)

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              1.714 cm 3.65 cm 2.3 cm