About this Product

Hidden in your nose, 3D sculptural art for office decor. This product may not look impressive to you - but share it with an anatomy/physiology student or professor - and see what the reaction is. The printed model is full-scale 1:1. In this creation we have combined the left and right Palatine bones and the Vomer bone in situ for a totally unique glimpse into our head. What do you give to an egghead in medicine like an otolaryngologist for a birthday gift? (ENT doctors to us.)

Palatines and Vomer Bone Ornament

SKU: 027
    • 3D Printed just for you at time of order. Individually hand-crafted one piece at a time.
    • FREE First-Class USPS Shipping within the Unites States.
    • Our default material is Orange Nylon Plastic: Bright orange, richly colored nylon polymer with a smooth finish.

               5.75 cm 7.236 cm 4.61 cm