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Do you know you could not even # without this beautifully sculptured lobe of your brain? #True. If you like to talk – or know someone who does – this pendant charm is the thing you might be looking for. Give an homage to yourself. This is our Speech Center in the front region of the left (dominant) hemisphere. Amazingly it is this section of our brain that can learn any language on the planet! Language processing, and functions linked to speech production, were first identified to occur in this specific region of the brain by Paul Broca in 1861.
This pendant can also be worn in a reversible fashion that reveals the aesthetic 3D duality of our hidden yin and yang.

Frontal Lobe Charm (Broca's area)

SKU: 013
    • 3D Printed just for you at time of order. Individually hand-crafted one piece at a time.
    • FREE First-Class USPS Shipping within the Unites States.
    • Our default material is Polished Silver: Smooth and slightly textured sterling silver hand-polished to a mild sheen.

               1.164 cm 1.456 cm 2.5 cm