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The right inferior frontal gyrus (IFG) is implicated in go/no go tasks and fear/flight decisions. It seems this area is also implicated in risk aversion: higher risk aversion tasks correlated with increased brain activity in the IFG. This might be explained as an inhibition signal to accept a risky option. For example, why haven't you ordered this gorgeous pendant yet? Exactly, your IFG is in high gear. Our only question - is your will power stronger than your lower brain fear function?
This pendant can also be worn in a reversible fashion that reveals the aesthetic 3D duality of our hidden yin and yang.

Fear Monitor Neurons

SKU: 015
Precious Metal: Polished Silver
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    • Our default material is Polished Silver: smooth and slightly textured Sterling Silver hand-polished to a mild sheen.
    • Our Neck Chain is also polished solid Sterling Silver stamped, and is of a fine-link style, 1.3mm diameter (18 inches). We import our chains from Italy we love them so much.

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