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The caudate nucleus is one of two inner parts of our brain responsible for moods and emotions. The hidden beauty of nature is breathtaking. Now you can proudly display this artistic elegant sculpture of your emotional center. There is a caudate nucleus within each hemisphere of the brain. Individually, they resemble a C-shape structure with a wider "head" (caput in Latin) at the front, tapering to a "body" (corpus) and a "tail" (cauda). The other connected part of this system is the nucleus amygdala. See our Emotion Control Center Pendant.

Brain Mood Charm

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    • Our default material is Polished Silver: smooth and slightly textured Sterling Silver hand-polished to a mild sheen.
    • Our Neck Chain is also polished solid Sterling Silver stamped, and is of a fine-link style, 1.3mm diameter (18 inches). We import our chains from Italy we love them so much.

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