About this Product

The epitome of 3D impossible - M.C. Escher would be extremely impressed. A 3D object made with negative-space and 3D Printed in a physical architectural form absolutely impossible to make using historic subtractive, milling, molding, etc., manufacturing techniques. We always print this model in our lab as a demonstration of the laws of gravity and physics still at play in the engineering of 3D products.

3D Architectural Delight (pocket size)

SKU: 028
    • 3D Printed just for you at time of order. Individually hand-crafted one piece at a time.
    • FREE First-Class USPS Shipping within the Unites States.
    • Our default material is Stainless Steel: Bronze-infused stainless steel with visible print lines and rough feel.

              2.978 cm 2.978 cm 2.978 cm